Bath Sink Drain, Bathroom Sink Pipes

Durable sink drains for all bathrooms
  1. Adjustable lengths: Bathroom pipes are an important accessory that you should not ignore. Our bathroom pipes are inspired by functionality and designed to save space.
  2. Seamless designs: All bathroom hooks are designed to ensure the best drainage. The pipes have no seams that can tear or cause leakage. The seamless design is available in multiple colours that can fit any décor.
  3. No leakage guarantees: Our hooks are designed to create no damage to the bathroom when they come off.
  4. Excellent durability: Quality tested with various water pressures to ensure the water does not leak at any point. Our pipes have undergone extensive durability tests to ensure they meet the standard.
  5. Corrosion-resistant: Designed with care, our pipes are coated with the best coatings available in the market to ensure there is no rust formation.