About Well Done

Services that stand out

Founded in 1987, Well Done Plastic Enterprise specialises in manufacturing bathroom products, hardware products, and plastic moulds. Our goal is to manufacture long-lasting products internationally recognised for their quality, durability, and excellent finish.

With over 30 years of experience in the Taiwanese industry, we have created a network of suppliers and installers both locally and internationally that provide excellent service to our customer base. We, at Well Done Plastic Enterprise, stand out for our commitment to customers in the highly saturated Taiwanese market. Our extensive network of well-educated and professional workers ensures product delivery and customer service.

What Services do We Offer
Well Done Plastic Enterprise has a wide range of bathroom hardware products. We provide a unique selection of products, including showerheads, bathroom handles, shower hoses, hooks and other bathroom products, hardware products and accessories that are tried and tested in various countries. Manufactured with high-quality, rust-resistant, and anti-leaching materials, our product lines are ideal for bathrooms worldwide.
Plastic injection moulding Our plastic injection moulding services use the highest quality plastic to create durable plastic bathroom products. Our modern injection moulding equipment helps build customisable plastic products without any defects. We also have the manufacturing capacity to take on plastic injection moulding projects for large scale projects.
Product design and development Our product designing and development are ideal for customers looking to create unique bathroom hardware and accessories for their property. Our in-house research and development team of experts can create working product designs based on your ideas.
Mould development Have a product design that you want to test. Use our mould development services. Perfect for the production manufacturers, our mould development services create one perfect mould for your design that you can use to create test cases before large scale manufacturing.
Our Methods
Our Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) services provide us with an edge in bathroom development. We have a range of excellent in-house equipment and material sources to create unique bathroom hardware designs. The high-quality guarantee comes with all original designs translated through our services.