One-function Showerhead, Single-function Showerhead

Traditional single-function showerheads are ideal for homes with low to medium water pressure. Our range of single-function shower heads is available in various designs and sizes. From simple round showerheads to contemporary square showerheads, we have products perfect for any project. If you are ready to design a bathroom that stands out, our single-function showerheads are made for you.

Quality that reflects

Well Done Plastic Enterprise is an expert in creating long-lasting, tested products that have been easy to install on any property and require minimal maintenance.

  1. Quality tested products: All our products go through comprehensive quality testing to ensure they are best-in-class. They undergo durability testing, chemical rusting, chemical leaching, strength, and force tests.
  2. Smooth water steam: Our products are extensively tested to ensure water quality does not affect water pressure. The excellent design and smooth inner finish ensure smooth and unbroken water flow.
  3. Elegant, smooth finish: Seamless manufacturing of the designs ensures each showerhead has a smooth finish. The designs also ensure no leakage through the showerhead at any point during usage.
  4. Unbeatable guarantees: We provide you with well-marked guarantees on all products, proving the quality of our designs. With over 30 years of experience, each of our products comes with the best-in-market warranties.
  5. Anti-rust coatings: Anti-rust coating preserves the chrome finish of our bathroom showerheads. The well-tested proprietary coating ensures the product looks the same even years after installation.
Translate your unique designs?

Showerheads are the first thing that catches your attention in the bathroom. We provide a wide range of single-function showerheads for you to choose from. If you are unable to find the perfect design for your services, hire our OEM and ODM services to create a showerhead that will fit perfectly into your property’s décor. Look through our collection of single-function showerheads to find the perfect product for your property.