Bath Hose

The backbone of a perfect shower is the bath hose you choose. Now, you do not have to compromise on your bath hose because of financial constraints as Well Done Plastic Enterprise provides a wide variety of bath hoses that can fit into any budget. Built to last, extensively tested, and made from high-quality materials, our bath hose series is worthy of a look-through if you are looking for budget-friendly bath accessories.

Quality that speaks
With over 30 years of innovative experience, Well Done Plastics offers you the best-in-class bath hoses.

  1. Anti-rust coating: High-quality coatings on both inside and outside the hose are used to maintain the water quality and the product‘s finish. These long-lasting coatings will ensure you never have to replace the hose.
  2. Adjustable sizes: Our bath hoses are available in flexible and non-flexible options. These are ideal for bathrooms of any size. We provide hoses of various lengths: from short, 1-metre hoses to long, 3-metre hoses.
  3. Multiple finishes: We provide bath hoses with chrome finish (shiny) and matt finish. Both designs are available in multiple dimensions. Each of our products is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.
  4. Anti-leak designs: We have created bath hoses with no joints or seams. This means all our designs are seamless and will not leak. Additionally, they will not tear with usage.
  5. Best in class: We are one of the most leading bathroom hardware and accessories manufacturers due to our commitment to innovation. Each product is designed to be best in class and can be easily installed.

Create your perfect bathroom
Well Done Plastic Enterprise can help you design the perfect bathroom for your property. Our industry expertise is seen in every product we have designed for you. If you’re looking to customise your bathroom, we have all the accessories you need to start fresh. Find the perfect bath hose from our dossier.


Stainless steel hose


Stainless steel hose


M4 silver yarn shower hose


M4 silver yarn shower hose


M5 silver yarn shower hose


M5 silver yarn shower hose


Sprayer hose-copper


Sprayer hose-plastic


Sprayer hose-Zinc


M5 copper head Shower hose


Plastic shower hose


Shower hose-Zinc