Our Capability

Well Done Plastic Enterprises was founded in 1987 and has been a leader in the Taiwanese market for over 20 years. Our expertise in manufacturing bathroom hardware and accessories is well displayed. We have partnered with many faucet and bathroom brands, both nationally and internationally. The excellent, consistent quality we provide speaks for itself.

close up chrome faucet shower bath tub room  interior design
Close up of shower head flowing water

Production lines

Our complete, integrated production line allows customers to save money by ordering all parts of bathroom accessories from one manufacturer. We also provide small batch production services for clients who want to test their products before large-scale manufacturing.
Portrait of Young and Confident Industrial Engineer Working on Computer, on Screen CAD Software Showing New Generation Electric Engine. Industrial Factory with High-Tech CNC Machinery.

Excellent software

We use some of the best drawing software. Solidwork, Catia, and ProE ensure we provide our customers with highly detailed and accurate diagrams of their ideas. These drawings are easily translated into workable versions read by the in-house equipment.

Precision processing

We provide high-precision processing services that provide high-quality products. Our in-house equipment and expertise allow us to provide precision processing to the hand grinding level, which is unparalleled among our competitors.
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Consistent production

We have a production line that is well-established, stable, and highly efficient. The production line ensures we maintain quality throughout the process. We ensure that each product created is the best version. The consistency maintained throughout the manufacturing process is displayed in the final version of the product as it functions.

Specialised audience

We cater to many bathroom and faucet brands. We provide moulding services that allow our clients to maintain their uniqueness. Our consistent quality, well-established manufacturing methods, and simple protocols are the reason why all our clients have chosen our services.

State-of-the-art equipment

We have some of the best modern equipment available on the market. These deliver high accuracy, high precision, and seamless execution of designs. Our manufacturing process is consistent, complete, and well-tuned to ensure the equipment delivers products within minimum time.